Admit it, you watched it tonight and you were disappointed that Shaun T wasn’t making people hurt so good!

I was absolutely surprised when I saw the diets that were showcased.

The Wellness Smackdown is one of my favorites. Jovanka focuses on a vegan diet using herbs to detoxify the body. I am not vegan, but I 100% believe that greens, fresh RAW foods are vital to living a long and healthy life.  Jovanka has such an amazing attitude and seems to be focusing on a holistic approach (not dissimilar to Becky’s Balanced Approach!!)

The Superfood Swap is my other favorite. Right in the beginning she said “First swap your attitude, then swap your food” and I fell in love. She talks about focusing on rations and easy meals. Another bubbly wonderful attitude and I love her!

The No Diet Plan comes in third for me. Jay is a little crazy, but in a good way!  He is focusing on looking internally  and not blaming food! He also takes a super holistic approach to things!

The Wild Diet makes us all DROOL! Bacon, meat, butter?! YUM!  I’m in love with his focus on bone broth too! I couldn’t believe it when his contestant came in first place on the first challenge!

The Clean Mama falls on the bottom of my list because I just can’t get behind her attitude or ‘taskersizing’.  It seems like she’s trying to cut out the gym and provide tips and tricks to getting workouts everywhere.  It definitely works for some people but it’s just not at the top for me.

One of the things that I found so frustrating to watch during the weigh-ins was how frustrated everyone was at their results.  Losing 6 or 7 pounds in a week is a TON of weight to lose, and they look so upset and disappointed.  They should be embracing this type of weight loss considering the weight they’ve held onto for years.  We are so hard on ourselves and while I love these fitness shows, I hate how much pressure it seems to put on everyone.

I do love how Shaun T talks about the health benefits each contestant has achieved at each weigh in.  Maybe their weight loss hasn’t been quite what they wanted but the benefits have been AMAZING.

I’m definitely loving this show so far, and am already connected to the contestants!  Can’t wait for next week!