I took a different approach to New Year’s Resolutions this year.  Typically, by the end of December I have the whole next year laid out.  Not that it hasn’t worked for me in the past (can you pick up the sarcasm there?), but I decided to take a new approach this year.

I have a list of things I’d like to work on this year – everything from clean eating and consistent workouts, to having a more positive attitude and trying new things. They are all daunting in their own respect.  For January I chose to start my day off earlier.  This should get me on a better sleeping routine, and also allow me extra time in my day to focus on these goals. I felt this was the most important start to the new year to really support the rest of my goals for the following 11 months.

It feels weird, though, to not have a plan.  To not have a to-do list telling me what I need to do every day to achieve my goals.  I’ve been doing well so far though!  I’ve woken up at 7 every day this week (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday), and I’ve been working out consistently — and having FUN working out!  The lack of a structured schedule has taken so much pressure off of it.  That isn’t to say that training for a specific event doesn’t require a very structured and strict plan, but if our goal is to stay CONSISTENT and work towards a healthier version of ourselves, why do we have to plan out every minute?  Try a new class at the gym, go for a nice long walk, get a free class to a new gym. ENJOY working out, don’t make it chore.

I tried a barre class last night at Xtend Barre.  It definitely was outside my comfort zone and I felt a little awkward at first.  But at the end of the class I felt like I had worked my body in a such an amazing way. The instructors and the girls at the front desk are absolutely amazing!  They were so helpful in helping me sign up and go through everything  about the studio.  I highly recommend it there if you’re local to DC.

I challenge you (all 7 of you reading this blog) to try a new workout this week. Get out of your comfort zone! Best case scenario: you find a new workout you LOVE.  Worst case scenario: you worked your body in a new way!