It’s January 2, 2016.  Have you been killing it at the gym? Are you sleeping in because it’s Saturday and you went out last night? BOTH are perfectly acceptable places to be today…SERIOUSLY!  I promise, it’s ok if it’s day two of the new year and you didn’t start your resolutions yet.

Let’s start out slow and steady for the month of January.  I decided it’s time for me to get out of my slump.  I have many goals for this year and I won’t be very successful if I’m sluggish and not getting enough sleep.  For the month of January I plan on starting my day earlier!

I currently drag myself out of bed by about 7:20 after hitting the snooze button for almost an hour. I decided I will tier my efforts to make this goal more achievable.

  • Jan 1-10 Wake up @ 7:00
  • January 11-17 Wake up @ 6:40
  • January 18-24 Wake up @6:15
  • January 25-31 Wake up @ 5:45

I HATE mornings!  I would much rather stay up late and sleep in.  But like most of us, I have a job, and job’s require you to come to work in the mornings.  For January, I will become a morning person – how I fill the time isn’t relevant.  Perhaps I’ll read, or straighten up around the house, or work out.  As long as I’m up and out of bed (and the couch) it counts.  Hopefully by the end of the 31 days of January, I’ll be in a much better sleeping routine and mornings won’t suck as much.

I will continue this resolution through the whole year.  Does this mean I won’t sleep in some weekends or days off — absolutely NOT.  It’s ok to sleep in.  But I will make it my new goal to start my days earlier in general!

My biggest hurdle: getting out of bed while my boyfriend sleeps soundly!  All you cuddlers out there know the struggle!

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