13-14 October 2007

We boarded the bus at Palace Court for the 3 hour bus drive to ‘Wus-ter-sher’ for the weekend. At one point we were driving through wales because our bus driver had gotten lost. We arrived at almost midnight and we roamed around with flashlights looking for cows until the rest of the people got there. The place was a typical camp setting.

The first day after a hearty breakfast they split us into groups. I was with all Place Court people. Daniel said he needed a volunteer to be in the all guys group to even things out and my hand shot up so fast. I wanted to compete and have fun doing the activities, not laughing around them. I knew I would have way more fun in the guys group.

I was really starting to get excited about the next two days. The first day we did this totem pole thing. I bolted right up it with no problem. I was challenged to get to the top and stand on it without holding onto the rope at all – I did it, no problem. Like a little spider monkey!

Next we had to do it with all four of us at the top of the pole. First try was a bust… second try we got it amazingly. What a fun activity!

We did some rock climbing on this tall wall, ironic because there were actual mountains in the background.

Our leader was trying to challenge the guys to do things, when they couldn’t he would turn to me and say “Do it Melber” and I usually did, or came really close to it. It was an awesome feeling!

We had this Indiana Jones ropes course about 25 feet up in the air. I was crushing through it until I got to this rickety looking rope ladder I had to run across. I hesitated for just a moment when I hear “Take off the skirt Melber, and do it!” – I ran right across! I was pretty pumped after that one! Ironically, when the leader got to the same ladder I hesitated at he stopped as well. He looked down at me like ‘shit’ – I offered similar positive encouragement as he offered me “Be a man!”

“You’re more of a man than me, Melber” [To this day, over 10 years later I still enjoy hearing that!”

The last part of the weekend was the archery range. I think the best part of that was the perfect 30 second snipped that came out of it. I pick a bow off the ground “I haven’t touched one of these in years” followed by me picking up the bow and arrow and immediately hitting bullseye. *mic drop*

Apparently I’m a mountain woman.