10 October 2007

Rose and I ventured to Cardiff this morning. Another 5 pound trip for the round trip bus ride! Visiting another country for ~$10? SURE!

The stay stared off early, which I never minded because I could listen to music and sleep on the bus/train/plane…We made it to Victoria station just before sunrise.

Our bus ride took almost four hours because the M4 was shut down. We arrived almost exactly at noon.

We went to see a castle in Cardiff. I was the first castle I had seen… besides Arcadia’s. We roamed the small city and went into the market and just hung out. It was nice to not have a crazy agenda when traveling. Just seeing something new, meandering around, grabbing coffee and some food and enjoying the new sceneries. [I hadn’t taken full appreciating to this fact when I was traveling in college. As an adult with money and vacation days short you want to feel like you get the most out of your trip. We book everything and run everywhere taking advantage of every spare moment. When in reality, going somewhere new and just enjoying everyday life there might offer us ‘more’ in the end.]

Part of me wishes I lived during ancient times. Live in castles and wear the big fluffy dresses. I think that would have been pretty cool!

Note: It would be cool to get a postcard from everywhere I go and write about my trip and send it to myself. [Yes, that would be cool. And No, I never actually followed up on that idea.]