4 October 2007

So I’m sitting on the tube reading the free paper on my way home from school when I see an add for the Kingdom. I get excited about it remembering my plans go the next day with myself. I notice on the top of the add it says “PREMIERE TONIGHT, SEE JAIME FOX AND JENNIFER GARNER LIVE AT AT LEISTER SQUARE AT 5:30.” I look at my watch and it’s 5:15…not much time.

I jump off at the the stop before Queensway and book it to Leister Square. I get there to see tons of people with the same ideas as me. It was too thick with people so I snuck in behind the paparazzis and stood up on the bars add to get pictures which I kept getting into trouble for. I got the most amazing pictures of Peter Berg, Jennifer Garner, and Jaime Fox.

I can’t believe I saw my hero. Jennifer Garner is just awesome, her smile so genuine! She looked so beautiful. It made me realize how much I really do want to be a celebrity. I want to be the person on the red carpet with the designer dress and the paparazzi yelling at me.

The one paparazzi guy took my picture at the premiere because he said he admired that I jumped up after getting yelled at to get the picture I wanted.

He sent them to me. It made me feel pretty cool- I had my picture taken by the paparazzi…