15 September 2007

It’s late Wednesday morning and the house is empty and quiet as usual for this mid week day. Although the sun shines through the closed window you can tell the air is cold; fitting for pre-fall. It’s not cold enough to turn the heat on in the house so the kitchen becomes a place of warmth. I find myself perched on the dryer to eat meals because it’s so warm. This morning though, nobody was doing laundry. As I wanted for my tea water to boil I found myself sitting on the dryer anyways, out of habit. The sun warms my just enough. There was a familiarity and comfort about the kitchen this morning.

I love how perfectly opposing spring and fall are. it’s the chilly kind of cold leading to bitter even though the suns out. Not like in the spring when there’s a hint of summer in the air. There’s leaves floating around beneath my feet instead of birds on the trees.