Made it safe and sounds to Belgium. The flight was unbelievable short. Right as I started to get into my magazine the pilot told us to prepare for landing. We were so excited for our first solo trip. I booked, I paid.

I was also stuck at the airport with nowhere to go for the night. The internet wasn’t connecting on my laptop so I had to book a place at the help desk at the airport. 45 Euro for both of us. We had to take a taxi which was way more expensive than we were anticipating. We booked a hostel for Friday but nothing for Saturday night. After walking, a bus, a train, another bus, and the metro, we get off the train and a gentleman walks up to us “Are you looking for the Youth Hostel? You’re American, right?”

Do we look that lose? “Yes”

We walk up to the hostel and try to get a room “No room in the inn”

There was a group of American’s on a 45 day trek. They let us throw our stuff in their room and we all walked around Brussels together. Laughing, joking, and sharing stories together. It was such a random, lucky experience. They let us sneak into their room (by room it was like 10 bunk beds in a room and we all doubled up.)

There was this moment in the main market when an older couple comes up to us. We are apparently sticking out as American’s. After a few minutes of talking they tell us they are from Easton, PA (not far from where I grew up).

“The more you travel, the smaller the world becomes.”

Brussels is where I bought my favorite black trench coat.

The smell of sweet waffles will forever make me think of the waffles and ice cream stands on every corner! SOOOOOOOOO delicious!

I wonder if it will be the same if I go back again. Will the smell be as sweet? Will I recognize the streets? Will the park have the same charm? It’s still difficult to believe that I’ve finally begun traveling the world! My plans have already started to change. I do want to see the world, but Europe seems a lot the same. I want to see the difference of far away lands. Next time I will do more research on the city I’m traveling to so I know exactly what I’m seeing.

And the chocolate… OH THE CHOCOLATE. The pastries, the truffles, waffles and ice cream. So amazing!