August 2007

[I didn’t have a lot of advice or guidance when choosing a college. I turned down volleyball scholarship and more interesting programs for a school that offered me a $50,000 academic scholarship and the ability to participate in study abroad my freshman year of college. DONE]

Somewhere over the Atlantic…

It’s so quiet on the plane. Everyone has finally fallen asleep and I’ve tried to force myself to sleep all night. It’s 6:51am UK time and I think I’m up for the day. We had a smooth flight over the pond which was great considering we had no movies and I was hoping to pass out the whole time. Everyone keeps talking about how chill I’ve been about flying to London to live for the first four months of my college career. I keep waiting for it to hit me.

I keep looking out at the clouds. There’s a weird comfort they give me. As if I fell they would be there to catch me. I keep hoping the plane will turn a few degrees so I can watch the sunrise. It’s funny how it seems like you’re going so slow, but you’re really going so fast – it’s a lot like life. It gets brighter and brighter in front me, but we never seem to reach it. No matter how many times I go on planes it never ceases to amaze me.

3 Doors Down “I woke up today in London” is playing on my iPod as we touch down in London. The hardest part wasn’t maneuvering through the airport with 59 other students, it was staying awake on the warm bus ride. And then, we pull up to our home for the next few months….in Notting Hill!

Best way to learn the new city? Scavenger hunt! What a cool way to explore London! We got clues and took the tube and busses all over the city! We ended the day with tickets to see the show Wicked. What an amazingly successful and amazing day!

A Hindu mosque, St. Paul’s Cathedral’s 434 steps to the most amazing view of the city.

I ran almost every day through Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. There’s such an amazing feeling about going for a run through the city, through the same sights every day. It makes you feel like you’re at home – no matter where you’re at.

I make a comment about the cute, tall, Australian guys we met salsa dancing. I made a comment that the guy who bought me a drink was 29 years old. “So old” [Now, at 29 years old I’m not sure if this makes me laugh or cry…]

The first few days of an amazing four months abroad!