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You don't have to be rich to be happy, only willing

Rebeka with a K

PhotoBook Shots (1 of 3)Hey Everyone!  Thanks for dropping by.  My name is Rebeka (with a K) and I am inviting you to join me on my journey to success (and happiness).

This site breaks down the different aspects of my life: from running a photography company, an AirBNB, and working to develop a Wine App (Get a Job) to building the community through networking events and professional development. I also included some fun blogs and photos from all my travels and races.

My goal is to build the community and lead others to become the best versions of themselves. Life is demanding and stressful, being happy doesn’t need to be.  You don’t need to be rich to be happy, only willing! Follow along on my journey and we can inspire each other!


12 thoughts on “Rebeka with a K

  1. Welcome to my blog ! I’m Philip.
    Even though I jokingly credit my aunt for my writing talent, I know that it is a skill I have fostered from childhood. Though my mother is a writer, I also started out young.
    I’ve always had a way with words, according to my favorite educator. I was always so excited in English when we had to do a research paper .
    Now, I help current learners achieve the grades that have always come easily to me. It is my way of giving back to schools because I understand the obstacles they must overcome to graduate.

    Philip Flowers – Academic Writing Professional – http://www.iranisnottheproblem.orgCorps


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